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Virgin.com: Jared Leto & 30 Seconds To Mars Interview

31. března 2010 v 21:35 Interviews, Articles

Rose from Virgin Music sat down with 30 Seconds To Mars to find out about life on mars, living (or not) in Brazil, and helping their fans give birth. Read on to find out everything Jared Leto and co had to say.

Jared Leto: You have to say action
Greg Rose: Action
JL: Felt good didn't it
GR: So good. So you've just got back into London. You played here a while ago, what's it like to be back?
JL: It's like coming full circle, the old auro borus. We not only played London but Nottingham, Manchester, Bournemouth, Cardiff.
Shannon Leto: It's weird you saying 'a while ago', because it feels like a week, but it's been a month.
GR: What is your favourite place to play?

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